Frequently Asked Questions


We will be following whatever Government guidelines are in place at the time of the event regarding Covid 19 safety.


Trading in goods, promoting of services or events without having a booked trade stand onsite is strictly forbidden. If found doing so you will be asked to leave without recourse or refund.

What does my whole event ticket entitle me to?

A whole event ticket includes camping from and including Thursday to Saturday nights, access to all workshops and coyote/coyote kids workshops for younger bushcrafters. You have access to all onsite demonstrations and the story telling, plus of course the music in the evenings.

Please note: Once purchased tickets are non refundable.

What else can I get if I pay extra?

The only other things you can add to your ticket are rental of a bell tent and masterclasses.

What do I get for a day ticket entrance?

Access to the site, the traders, demonstrations, coyote and coyote kids activities plus the farm and all it’s animals including North American Bison and Wapiti. You can access the workshops for a fee per person and also buy masterclass tickets if any are available at the front desk.

How far will my car be from my tent?

Literally in the next field if camping in the field. Cars are not allowed in the camping field for safety reasons. The weekend car park is about 300m from the woodland camping.

What about open fires, can I have one?

Yes, please use a fire bowl or basket or one of the old car wheel hubs found on site to raise it off of the ground. There are some established fire pits you can use around the site. No Fires in the caravan/camper area. ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES ON THE GROUND PERMITTED

Can I bring a camper van or caravan?

Yes we have a small area for campers and caravans only. There are no open fires allowed in this area.

Can I forage for firewood?

Only for dead wood on the ground, please do not cut any wood down. There is a very reasonably priced firewood seller in the farmyard every day for all the firewood you may need for the weekend.

Can I camp in the woodland?

Camping in the woodland is now bookable in advance, there is a limit on numbers and only bashas, tarps and hammocks will be permitted. This is a return to the original principles of Bushcraft camping and to preserve the quality of the woodland for future use. ABSOLUTELY NO TENTS IN THE WOODLAND PERMITTED

Are there showers?

Yes, by the main toilet block.

Are there food concessions onsite?

Yes, open all days from breakfast to evening meal.

Can I come and go?

Yes with a whole event pass, you will be given wristbands on arrival.

Is there a different rate if I only stay one or two nights?

No, a camping pass or weekend ticket covers camping over for one or all nights. (Thursday to Saturday nights)

Can I arrive early?

No, please note the site is closed on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to allow us to set up in safety. Please do not contact the farm directly to make other arrangements.

If I rent a pre erected bell tent, where will it be?

In the main camping field.

Can I move the bell tent?


Do the bell tents come with bedding?

No, just as a bare tent with a fitted groundsheet at 4 metres diameter. You'll need to bring your own bedding.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes but take all glass away with you, glass is not allowed in the show areas and must be kept back at your camp.

Where can I find other information?

You'll be sent a weekend visitor information sheet with your tickets plus there will be an information stand in the food court.

Are there any concessionary tickets available?

No there are no concessions or discounts available.

Can I bring my dog?

The site is a working farm so dogs are not permitted.

Do I have to accompany my child to Coyote Kids activities and stay with them?

Yes you do, we do not offer a child minding facility, more of a joint learning experience.

Can my child carry a knife onsite?

On successful completion of our Coyotes (11-16 years old) knife safety class and if awarded a badge to say so they can carry a knife to and from classes they are needed for (and use them there). They are not to be taken into the play area. The badge has to be current for this year. Whilst we actively encourage a healthy respect for safe knife use and the recognition of knives as tools through our Coyote Kids and Coyote training programmes. We would like to remind all concerned that this does not give carte blanche for children to wander the site carrying knives.

When can I arrive?

From 2pm on Thursday 19th August 2021

What time is the site open for day visitors?

9am until 5.30pm on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When is the latest I can book?

The booking office will be closed on Sunday 15th August at 12pm midnight. Whole Event tickets will still be available on the gate from 2pm Thursday 19th August 2021.


If we have to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances, we will reschedule the event for the next available date and rest assured your ticket will still be valid.