Your opportunity to get up close and personal with some of todays leading Bushcraft instructors, each Masterclass is an in-depth session designed to give you focussed, comprehensive hands-on instruction. Masterclasses run throughout the weekend at the Gathering and numbers are limited to ensure you get the Instructors full attention.

You'll need to book your Masterclass in advance, at the same time as your weekend ticket is ideal. To avoid disppointment book early as they are well attended and places are usually filled quickly.

NOTE: Last chance to book Masterclass tickets in advance by Sunday 15th August 2021, and if by any chance there are any remaining places these will be available at the front desk from Thursday 19th August 2021, these will be sold on a first come first served basis.

2021 Masterclasses

Theresa Kamper

Threads from Nature

Have you ever wondered what people used to sew with before cotton or polyester thread became a mass-produced commodity? Well, then this is the course for you! Learn how to process materials such as sinew, intestine, leather, fur, hair, and plant fibres to make usable and unique thread. This class will be a combination of demonstration followed by trying each material for yourself. You will take away a new skill set along with a sample set of each thread type.

Instructor: Dr Theresa Emmerich Kamper

Phil Brooke


2021 Unique Workshop

This course is run by Traditional Bowyer Phil Brooke who runs Chosen Paths Bushcraft and is head instructor at Woodcraft School. You’ll learn how to craft your Bow using simple Bushcraft tools, you’ll finish this workshop with a Bow, longbow or flatbow using native species and traditional methods. The cost of this workshop includes a weekend ticket and numbers are limited to 12. For more details see here

Instructor: Phil Brooke

Paul Bradley



Learn to make your own veg tan leather belt scabbard for a Mora Companion All-round Knife from start to finish. A small materials charge of £5 on the day.

Instructor: Paul Bradley

Working with rawhide

Steve takes you through the process of making a rawhide parfleche.

Instructor: Steve LeSay







This Mastercalss is a great opportunity to gain some real insight and confidence in the fascinating subject of fire lighting using the Hand Drill. Tremendously satisfying for both beginners and experienced bushcraft practitioners alike, want to learn the skill of making fire with nothing but sticks!

Instructor: Dave Watson


Navigation with Map & Compass

Navigation and map reading skills are an essential skill set for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Jack will teach you how to navigate using a map and compass and cover the essential skills needed to feel confident on your own hikes and adventures in future years to come.

Instructor: Jack Hendry

Fraser Christian

Wild woodland feast experience

2021 Masterclass

Learn how to prepare wild and foraged ingredients outdoors and cook them into a hearty feast that you will then sit down around the fire and enjoy with Fraser.

Instructor: Fraser Christian

Ruth Weaver

A sensory & intuitive herbal medicine workshop

2021 Masterclass

Instructor: Ruth Weaver

Bread making in the wilderness

2021 Masterclass

We will be looking at several ways to make bread in the camp using a campfire for cooking. Each participant will have the opportunity to make and try different breads whether it be a loaf in a tin, bread on a stick, a risen loaf baked in a Dutch oven or traditional Bannock camp bread. Bring with you a sense of humour and a clean tea towell and a willingness to get stuck in.

Instructor: Chris Pryke

Belly Dancing

2021 Masterclass - women only

Introduction to belly dancing workshop. Discover the root moves of belly dancing and put them into practise with traditional Arabic Eygptian precussion and tribal fusion music.

Expect a mini workout. You will burn energy practising belly dance.

Instructor: Yara


2021 Masterclass