Your opportunity to get up close and personal with some of todays leading Bushcraft instructors, each Masterclass is an in-depth session designed to give you focussed, comprehensive hands-on instruction. Masterclasses run throughout the weekend at the Gathering and numbers are limited to ensure you get the Instructors full attention.

You'll need to book your Masterclass in advance, at the same time as your weekend ticket is ideal. To avoid disppointment book early as they are well attended and places are usually filled quickly.

NOTE: Last chance to book Masterclass tickets in advance by Saturday 10th August 2019, and if by any chance there are any remaining places these will be available at the front desk from Thursday 15th August 2019, these will be sold on a first come first served basis.

The 2019 Masterclasses

Phil Brooke


2019 Unique Workshop * Friday 1200 - 1500

This course is run by Traditional Bowyer Phil Brooke who runs Chosen Paths Bushcraft and is head instructor at Woodcraft School. You’ll learn how to craft your Bow using simple Bushcraft tools, you’ll finish this workshop with a Bow, longbow or flatbow using native species and traditional methods. The cost of this workshop includes a weekend ticket and numbers are limited to 12.

For more details see here

Instructor: Phil Brooke

Paul Bradley


2019 Masterclass *

Learn to make your own veg tan leather belt scabbard for a Mora Companion All-round Knife from start to finish. A small materials charge of £5 on the day.

Instructor: Paul Bradley


2019 Masterclass *

Learn to make a spruce bark basket, taking an ojibway style berry basket sown together using roots.

Instructor: Willow Lohr

Prepping for a Nuclear Disaster

2019 Masterclass *

Tom will teach you how to prepare and do in the event of a Nuclear Disaster

Instructor: Tom Linden


2019 Masterclass *

Learn how to navigate and find direction in the wilderness.

Instructor: Jack Hendry

Bushcraft Bread making

2019 Masterclass *

Bannock bread on a stick and the risen loaf. Every participant will have some bread to take away

Instructor: Chris Pryke

Patrick McGlinchey


2019 Masterclass *

Create your own harpoon using natural materials

Instructor: Patrick McGlinchey

Jason Ingamells


2019 Masterclass *

Create your own wicker basket

Instructor: Jason Ingamells

Martin Burkinshaw


2019 Masterclass *

Martin will guide you through the process of taking a good picture in low light conditions.

Instructor: Martin Burkinshaw

Amanda Critchlow

Make a Simple FELT POUCH

2019 Masterclass *

Learn how to make felt from sheared sheep fleece with soap and hot water. Create your own simple felt pouch and understand the felting process from start to finsihed product.

Instructor: Amanda Critchlow


2019 Masterclass *

Learn the tips and tricks of the experts. Capturing wildlife on camera is one thing, but doing it well to present a good picture is another. Martin and JP can help you on the way to producing a picture you can be proud of.

Instructor: Martin Burkinshaw & J P Lamoureux