Live Music at the 2021 gathering

Not only is the Gathering the place you to come to - to learn new skills, brush up on your old ones and meet some of the best bushcraft experts in the country but it has also become, over the past seventeen years, the place you come to - to gather and socialise round the campfire with friends, old and new. As part of this tradition we invite gifted musicians to come and entertain us all over the Friday and Saturday nights and 2021 is no exception!



Tara Crank


Tara is a multi-instrumentalist whose repertoire brings together contemporary and traditional folk. Influenced by Lisa Hannigan, Joni Mitchell and Fairport Convention, she varies her sound from bright and uplifting to hauntingly beautiful. She sings of the beauty in the world and the puzzles of life, choosing to express this on occasion by stripping back to the exceptional purity of her acappella vocals with intervals of fiddle

Dave Gibb

Dave Gibb

Hailing from the village of Wanlockhead in Dumfries and Galloway Dave describes himself as a left-handed, balding, middle-aged songwriting folky from Scotland’s highest village.

A superb guitarist with a style that is as distinctive as it is effective, a voice that can carry traditional and contemporary songs and a songwriting ability that produces songs ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, he is an established performer throughout the acoustic/folk club, festival and concert scene.

Lyrically Dave is a storyteller and is determined to maintain the art of storytelling through song. Musically he draws on both traditional and contemporary sources, especially the finger picking styles of the heroes.


Josie Field

Josie Field

South African born Josie Field is a combination of Florence and the Machine meets Janis Ian meets Aretha Franklin, Field’s voice is distinct and unusual. Her signature sound is a potent mix of lyricism and fire, heart-felt issues and tender constructions, she has a unique textured blues infused voice and soulful vocal delivery style

She calls her sound ‘Indie Soul’ aptly the title of her latest solo album which garnered her ninth SAMA nomination for Best Adult Contemporary Album in 2018. Indie Soul is a modern fusion of acoustic meets digital with a deep soul inspired flavour that tugs on the heart strings.