Demonstrators & Traders

Front Desk

Check in point and where to buy your day tickets, course tickets and Wilderness Gathering T. Shirts.

Information & First Aid

The hub of the Gathering and where we endeavour to assist you with your problems and answer any questions you may have. Its also where you bring yourself if you are injured or require medical assistance.

Food Court

Food and drink available throughout the weekend includes:

  • Linda's Loaf supplying amazing hot food cooked on-site - the full English breakfast, burgers, chips etc throughout the day and into the evening
  • Pandemania supplying wood fired 12" pizzas - meat, vegetarian or vegan
  • Euan's Bar serving us a variety of drinks including the Burning Barn Smoked Rum
  • Suzette's Fresh Pancakes Hand cooked pancakes served hot and fresh straight from the pan with sweet and savoury fillings

Bring & Buy

An opportunity for you to bring your unwanted or surplus Bushcraft kit and put in up for sale on this stand.

Scout Groups

Wilderness Gathering has had a long association with various Scout groups almost since the very first Gathering, this year we are pleased to welcome:

  • Old Scout Bushcraft - Jim Cook whilst offering his and the scouts help with the site waste management will be actively recruiting scouts and leaders.
  • 1st Ninfield Scout Group
  • Hampshire Scout Group

You will see them helping out all over the site and have become an integral part of the Gathering so in passing show your appreciation to the lads for all their help.

Best in show...?

Want recognition and acknowledgement for having the best trade stand at the Gathering? For 2021, Roger and Dominic are continuing to encourage all traders to bring stands and displays that echo our Eco-Organic theme and reflect the ethos of Bushcraft, we will be giving an award for the stand that best represents this: 2019 winners were 'Living By Nature'

1st Ninfield Scout Group

Canoeing and other activities.

Group Scout Leader – Martin Gausden Tel: 01424 892603

1948 Original Equipment

1948 Original Equipment has been conceived from experience, necessity and a desire to shape the future. Many great explorers, sportsmen and pioneers have made subtle modifications to their equipment to make tomorrow a little better. A group of friends, following in these footsteps, decided to do the same and 48 OE was born. We are a specialist company that provides equipment, clothing and gear for anyone interested in expeditions, travel and the great outdoors.

Tel: 0333 444 1948 Email: Website:


Timberhitch Archery target practice for all ages. Various weights of Bow provided.

Army Sales

Whilst army sales routes lie in supple of useful MOD surplus to the public, we now also stock a wide range of tried and tested high quality expedition kit and bushcraft gear. So whether you are planning a solo adventure or a large scout camp we have the equipment you need.

Tel: 01757 606109 Email: Website:


Association of Pole Lathe Turners & Green Woodworkers

The purpose of this, the official Association of Polelathe Turners & Greenwood Workers web site, is to promote green woodworking and all its associated crafts so that once again the woodlands of the world are nurtured and valued as a source of employment and enjoyment.


Backwoods Survival

Backwoods Survival School, based in Scotland. Started in 2002 by Patrick McGlinchey, they run introductory and advanced courses in bushcraft, survival and wilderness living skills. Students come from all over the world and all age groups are welcome. The Veidemann – man of the wilderness, is an advanced course, run in the Telemark region of Norway.

Tel: 0141 641 2055 Email: Website:

Ben and Lois Orford

Bushcraft knives, parangs, axes and crook knives. Leatherwork including knife sheaths, pouches, saw sheaths and axe covers. Demonstrations of sharpening and of leatherwork.

Tel: 01886 880410 Email: Website:

Beneath The Stars Leathercraft

Bushcraft leather goods, knife, axe and saw sheaths. Firesteels and exotic wood and antler jewellery.

Email: Website:


Handmade Bushcraft knives by Roger Harrington. The exclusive Bison Bushcraft clothing range including wool shirts and jackets. Axes, cookware, campfire tripods, sleeping bags, handmade leather goods and all your Bushcraft needs.

Contact Roger Harrington on Tel: 0845 8387062 or Email: Website:


BodgerJohn may be seen demonstrating pole-lathe turning and running workshops at a number of festivals, gatherings and craft fairs throughout the year. Like most greenwood workers, he is always happy to share his knowledge and experience with anyone interested; and if they want to ‘have a go’, then so much the better.BodgerJohn enjoys applying his engineering knowledge and experience for the continual improvement and innovation of greenwood working equipment and tools, whilst retaining the essence of the fundamental principles of their operation and function..

Contact BodgerJohn on Tel: 07982 247570 or Email: Website:

Bushcraft Tools

Demonstrating Fire Pistons

Tel: 07967 587979 Email:


Bushtrader UK

Affordable secondhand knives, kit and tools.


Central Somerset Outdoor Learning

Spoon, bowl and bow making, general green woodworking, peg loom weaving, spinning, clay modelling, Leaf and flower art. Sale of own made spoon carving knives and stools.


Chosen Paths Bushcraft

Traditional longbows & Flatbows made sustainably felling our own timber. Bows are very personal to the Archer and of course you have to have bows in stock that might well fit the archers needs perfectly but in the majority of times my bows are made to order. In the words of Hilary Greenland “A longbow is a very personal thing. I would no more buy a longbow off the peg than I would purchase a set of second- hand false teeth.”

Tel: 07866 758772 Email: Website:


Coastal Survival

Bushcraft, fishing, foraging, cooking and survival/off-grid living with Fraser Christian. Courses and expeditions. Professional skills from professionals.

Tel: 07702 104644 Email: Website:



Jerky: Beef, horse, rabbit, kangaroo, zebra, goat, tofu, mushroom, biltong, dried sausages, fruit leathers, smoked pickles and sauces.

Contact: Martin Cowley Tel: 01443 433506 Email: Website:

Dave Budd Handmade Tools

Demonstrating blacksmithing with his Iron Age forge, making blades and steels upon request. Also demonstrating freehand sharpening with waterstones. There will be a selection of his handmade knives, tools and other bushcraft kit for sale as well as the opportunity to sign up for his courses.

Tel: 0776 4742569 Email: Website:

Down in the woods Ltd

A Bushcraft and Forest School company dedicated to teaching children and adults about the natural environment and how to be comforable in it.

Tel: 02083 361557 Email: Website:

The Dyslexic Craftsman

Cornwall made, handmade knives and fire steel. Many types of knives design and shape to accommodate most of the outdoor savvy. all knives mad of O1 or 5160 steel and deferentially heat treated. During the event we will give a filed blade smith demonstration to forge knives with basic tools and we will invite the public to try the technique.

Tel: 07800 880743 or Email: Website:


English Handmade Knives

Handmade knives for collectors, hunters, fishermen and bushcraft enthusiasts and all knife making componenets and accessories.

Tel: 01797 369424/01797 369100 Email: Website:


Fudge the boat builder

Promoting courses in bespoke woodcraft including steam bending, laminating compound and straight curves, scarf joints. From boat and canoe building to building a teardrop trailer. Demonstration to build an 8ft children's clinker canoe. We will have a 14ft clinker canoe, teardrop trailer and a laminated wooden wheel on show.

Tel: 07891 222974 Email:

Giles Newman

Giles handcarves art spoons, sculptures and jewellery from naturally fallentimber by axe and knife. Offering demonstrations and workshops in spoon and pendant carving, giving you the opportunity to learn the skills to carve your own decorative and artistic pieces by knife. Suitable for beginner to expert carver, all tools and materials provided.




The black and white tents you see in use around the show ground used as classrooms and stands, plus bell tents and other canvas tents.

Tel: 07801296255 or Website:



Jackie Saull-Hunt, collecting and processing medicinal herbs. Herbal First Aid. Herb walk meeting point. Lotion and Potion Making.

Tel: 01424 871679 Email:


Hand forged Knives. Hand made fire pits. Leather products.

Tel: 07876 550706 Email: Website:

Identity Store

If Bushcraft was a material it would be leather. We sell natural, sustainable Bushcraft leather and everything else you need to make belts, knife sheaths, axe covers, bags, wallets and more. Performance with the right look we understand, and have developed several leathers specifically for Bushcraft.

Tel: 01629 581403 Email: Website:

Institute for Outdoor Learning

The Institute for Outdoor Learning stand will be talking about what they do plus demonstrating quick bow making and atlatal / dutch arrow making sessions all weekend.

Tel: 01228 564580 Email: Website:

Journeyman Handcrafts

A small family business based in the heart of England, creating long lasting bushcraft and camping gear from canvas and leather. Only the best fabric and material is used so we can be confident our gear will last a lifetime.

Tel: 07903 778676 Email: Website:

Karla's Kones

Bringing us Lovington's ice creams.

Tel: 07955 644287


Interactive knot tying demonstration and instruction. Coyote and Coyote kids instruction

Tel: 0117 986 7146

Laura Carpenter

Laura Carpenter is a medical herbalist registered with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). She gives talks and runs workshops on home remedies, and medicine making. She has a passion for native medicinal species and bringing that knowledge back into common use

Tel: 07946 150721 Email: Website:

Lonescout Bushcraft

Lonescout Bushcraft is born of a lifetime of working with people and a passion for the outdoors. Understanding that not everyone has the ability or the desire to spend an extended period of time outdoors, Lonescout Bushcraft can bring elements of the adventure to you. As an Accredited Practitioner with the Institute for Outdoor Learning and a holder of their Foundational Bushcraft Competency Certificate Ian Cresswell offers a flexible response to your Bushcraft and Survival educational needs.

Tel: 07971 197109 Website:


Mark Collict



Meadow Forge

Mobile blacksmiths and makers of Rocket stoves. Ongoing blacksmith demos throughout the weekend.

Tel: 07773006743


Mikes Knives

Custom, collectable, rare knives for sale, specialising in Randall made knives and official UK Great Eastern Cutlery Dealer (best production slipjoints available today).

Tel: 07773006743 Website:

Mobile Solar Chargers

Mobile Solar chargers have specialised in portable power for 4 years. Our products have powered expeditions across the Artic/Antartic, K2, Himalayas and Gobi Desert.

Tel: 01935 225914 Website:

Moonraker Accessories

Pocket knives, stalking knives, fish filleting knives, larder knives and sharpening equipment.

Tel: 01747 830418 Website:

Natural Woodcraft

Traditional Green Woodworker. Hands on and have-a-go green woodworking making gypsy flowers, whistles, pegs and variuos other bits. Have-a-go mainly aimed at children, nothin more that £2 to make.

Contact David Ewers Tel: 07588 432812 or Email:

Nearly Wild

Nearly Wild has been set up by the founders of Nearly Wild Camping. We aim to bring together nature based business and organisations trading for nature, with those seeking nature based products. A community supporting the growth of a greener economy for the wellbeing of us and nature.

Tel: 07815 861480 or Email: Website:

Nomad Knifeworks

Custom handmade knives and leather products.

Tel: 07950 983836 Email: Website:

Paul Dore Bushcraft

Paul Dore Bushcraft offers handmade leather and canvas work, catapults and outdoor accessories.

Tel: 07525944240 Email: Website:


Paul Pomfrey Leathercraft

Make your own leather pouches

Primitive Ways

John Hickman's Youtube channel demonstrating many different primitive skills. Youtube Channel

Tel: 07530 477501

Richard Hopkins

International Guild of Knot Tyers. Knot Tying Demonstrations and hands on instruction at his stand.

Tel: 0117 9867146 Email: Website:


Rowland Jones

Sharpening and care of axes. Safety in use of axes - felling, side axe, froe adze. Demonstrations of the above including public participation with own axe.

Tel: 01237 425278 Email:



Greenwood worker making and demonstrating traditional crafts - blade/tool maker for greenwood crafts - author of woodworking books.

Tel: 07841 924428 Email: Website:

Scouts Association

Hampshire Explorer Scouts and Avon Scouts Stand for Scouting Recruitment, demonstrations of scouting skills designed to show the kinds of things youngsters can expect from modern scouting.

Jim Cook on 02380 422098, Simon Crowden on 07968 484766 Email: or Website: and

Seasons of the wild

We are a friendly gaggle of witches which include wildcrafters, foragers, wild chefs, traditional crafts teachers, story tellers and lovers of all things wild. We are based in Northern England and we host seasonal workshops and gatherings at our beautiful three-acre site, where we also offer unique camping experiences for those coming from further afield.

Email: Website:



Jon Mac - I am a spoon carver who lives and works on Dartmoor in Devon. I carve spoons and Kuksa from green wood, using the three main bushcraft tools. The Knife, Axe and Hook Knife. I find spoon carving gives me a greater understanding of these tools as I can demonstrate a precision of craft in the finished spoon.

Tel: 01626 833968 Website:


South Coast Axe Throwing Association

Have a go axe throwing stand.

Survival School

Fire lighting tools, sharpening tools, water purification aids plus an extensive range of Bushcraft and survival equipment and courses.

Contact: Survival School on Tel: 08712227304 -


Suzettes Fresh Pancakes

Hand cooked pancakes served hot and fresh straight from the pan with sweet and savoury fillings.

Tel: 07889 788629 or Email:

Tibor Leather Crafts

Handstitched leathergoods including bags, belts, pouches and knife sheaths

Tel: 01425 839642 Email: Website:



Ian Swain supplies traditional hand tools, carries out tool repairs and sharpening. He also delivers the occasional short course on tool maintenance and sharpening. He's one of the few people who will still re-handle garden, forestry and workshop tools.

Tel: 07810 771122 Email: Website:


UK Preppers Network

Tom Linden will be promoting the UK Preppers Network show and demonstrating water filter bottles

Tel: 07704 703489 Website:

White Tiger Knives

Custom blade smith, making hand made hunting, bushcraft, chef's knives, herb choppers and tactical style knives. Also selling White Tiger Knives branded T- Shirts as well as stabilised and hybrid woods for the hobbyist knife maker..

Tel: 07929 737872 Email: Website:


William Agar

Selling edged Forsetry/Craft Tools, Axes, Hatchets, Drawknives, Billhooks and cooking items such as saucepans, frying pans, kettles etc.

Tel: 01404 850677 Email:

Woodland Trust

Our vision is a UK rich in woods and trees enjoyed and valued by everyone.


Woodland Ways

Demonstrations and Bushcraft Equipment. Our courses cover a wide variety of subjects aimed at a variety of levels, but each and every one of them are designed to give you a fun experience within beautiful & relaxed surroundings.

Contact Jason Ingamells on Tel: 0784 3064114 or Email: Website:

Woodland Survival Crafts

Dave Watsons' stall selling lots of Bushcraft stuff including Wooden whistles and Friction firelighting kits. Fire Lighting Demonstrations.

Contact Dave Watson on Tel: 07736225035 Website:

Wyldwood Willow

Wyldwood Willow is a small business that was established in 2000. My aim is to re-educate people in the versatility and sustainability of this natural craft which I do by running and teaching workshops throughout the year. I keep in stock many types of baskets that I make during the year to provide the customer with a natural and beautiful handmade product.

Tel: 07816 005251 Website: